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Founder: Patrick Hennessy (@TrueHennessy)

Patrick Hennessy founded Unhinged Yankees in March 2018 and has a passion for writing about baseball. Hennessy has written for numerous publications including The Greedy Pinstripes, 518 Sports, Hardball Scoop, Baseball Essential, Elite Sports NY, FanSided’s Yanks Go Yard, and SB Nation’s Fish Stripes. During his time with Elite Sports NY, Hennessy was an editor and spent much of his time leading the news team.

Hennessy has interviewed numerous personalities including Yankees minor league prospects Travis Hissong, Josh Rogers, Devyn Bolasky, and Terrance Robertson. He has also interviewed famed “ballhawk” Zack Hample as well as YouTube gamer with over one million subscribers, Troydan Gaming. Patrick is currently a Sophomore in College.


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